You can benefit from tevixMD whether they see the patient or not.

For the Provider

For the Patient

  • Simplify your SOPs and workflow - more info

  • Increase cash / reduce growing patient AR

  • Know what the patient owes: the real-time financial responsibility before, at and after point of care/test.

  • know the real-time patient ID, address and benefits before, at and after point of care/test.

  • Greatly reduce labor time and cost

  • Eliminate redundant workflow tasks

  • Keep erroneous data from entering your system.

  • Reduce costly 3rd party collections efforts

  • Rescue patient revenue about to be written off

  • Track cash in

  • Track staff activities

  • Improve patient/provider relationships

  • Quickly and easily collect patient portion before, at or after point of care/testing. 

  • Automate in-house patient collection.

  • Offer easy-to-use pricing transparency to patients

  • Offer automated, flexible payment plans to patients

  • Set up automated, post-EOB patient-responsibility collection in advance

  • Transfer validated, accurate data into your information system.

  • Eliminate claim rejections due to data errors

  • Reduce need for re-working claims

  • Nearly eliminate patient payment debt

  • Eliminate need for multiple vendors...

    • tevixMD is a comprehensive solution that solves operational problems in, and adds functionality to nearly every area of the patient-engagement process.

  • Eliminate moving from system to system to accomplish a complete task....

    • all tevixMD features are accessed via ONE web-based window, or via the tevixINTEGRATOR popup window, which is embedded into your existing system.

  • Greatly simplified patient engagement process.

  • Pricing transparency

  • Timely collections process

  • A variety of payment options

  • Automated and flexible, interest free, no-credit-check, 2-10 month payment plan

  • No forms to complete

  • Payment-related correspondence via email and text

  • Improved relationship with provider

For the business of healthcare, the writing is on the wall:

Provider information systems & SOP's are outdated and chaotic, and must be updated.

tevixMD Data & Apps seamlessly integrate 

comprehensive functionality, greatly simplifying the process.

tevixMD data

Due to its unmatched and patented
search processes, not only is tevixMD patient data the only data verified in real-time;  as a consequence, it is the most accurate, reliable data available today.

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tevixMD patient data is available independent of the apps, via API call.

tevixMD apps

The tevixMD apps make up the most comprehensive, convenient and complete platform for providers that delivers benefits and great value at nearly every step of the provider's business workflow:

  • before service

  • at time of care

  • after service, in billing

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Other solutions are short-sighted and extremely limited

The patient payment crisis is a complex problem created in a variety of places in the healthcare business workflow, due to inaccessibility to accurate and real-time data and a few business operational issues.  


Healthcare technology service providers generally offer only a single-piece solution to this complex puzzle, requiring providers to piecemeal together a variety of limited solutions that don't work together nor communicate with each other.

tevixMD offers all the pieces, 

fully-integrated and available in a single web-based window


  • Track patient collections

  • Track cash

  • Track staff activities

  • Analyze what procedures work and which don't

  • Identify who is following procedures

  • Multi-site tracking

  • Quickly implement changes before issues arise to avoid cash-flow surprises


  • NO hardware purchase required

  • NO software purchase required

  • Minimal IT impact

  • All data and features are accessed in a single, integrated web window

  • Requires only a driver's license or name/zip to work

  •  No typing / no calculating necessary

Let us prove our worth
with a 
complimentary Proof-of-Concept

We invite the opportunity
to put tevixMD’s patient data & processes
up against anything you’re doing now.

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