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TUESDAY, MAY 1 @ 8am
Realizations After Implementing a Retail Approach to Operating a Lab Business.  Key Decisions Required to Execute the Process and Ensure a Positive Financial Outcome.
Maximizing Provider Cash Flow and Minimizing Outstanding Patient Payments through a Consumer-Friendly, Retail Approach to Healthcare:  The Essential Elements That Must be in Place to Easily and Quickly Shift to Retail

with Carolyn Lange, Regional Director of Revenue Cycle at Aurora Labs/LMC Pathology Services. 

The purpose of this presentation is...

  • to reveal the decisions that were necessary to shift into a retail approach to operating a lab business;

  • to understand the implications regarding: Technology, Operational standard procedures and Patient handling procedures;

  • to focus on how the shift was made using available tools and visit the results from the shift, and;

  • to identify the importance of influencing a shift in the attitudes of the employees who implement the new procedures.

About Carolyn Lange...


With a career spanning more than 25 years in healthcare billing, administration and compliance, Carolyn's career started at Hospital Corporation of America where she moved up through the ranks and landed as Billing Director for 19 HCA hospitals in six states with annual net revenue of $2.8 B.   Since then, she has successfully supported two Fortune 500 companies over the past ten years:  Quest Diagnostics as Billing Director in Nevada (annual net revenue of $160M) and, currently, Aurora Diagnostics as Regional Director of Revenue Cycle Management.

Carolyn has been recognized for many successes in healthcare billing, productivity, compliance and performance; among them....

At Quest she dramatically improved billing performance, increased billing metrics from the lowest to one of the highest in the company and implemented billing productivity measurements that lead to increases in accuracy, staff production and employee satisfaction.

At Aurora she has facilitated process changes that lead to a reduction in billing backlogs, increased  cash and reduced bad debt and decreased operational expenses.

with William T Andros, CEO and Founder of tevixMD Corporation.

The purpose of this presentation is...

to show how a retail approach to operating a lab business can almost immediately counteract the devastating financial effects of the dramatic rise in high-deductible health care plans.  The discussion will focus on...

  • assumptions and procedures that are no longer valid and how they create a lethal patient payment problem;

  • how a retail shift affects the technology, the standard operational procedures and patient handling procedures of a lab business;

  • how easily and quickly a retail shift can be made with available tools, and how rapidly results can be realized;

  • how directly success relies upon the attitudes and mindset of the employees using the tools.

About W.T. Andros...

William is a trailblazer and innovator when it comes to anticipating and timely bringing to market the exact tools providers need to thrive financially.  He has an extensive background in the invention, development  and marketing of data delivery and management systems in the healthcare industry.

Visit our presentations / speak with us to...

Gain a better understanding of retail healthcare and what it is exactly, why it is here to stay, why financial success in healthcare -- reduced outstanding patient payments &  dramatically improved cash flow -- is absolutely dependent upon a shift into retail healthcare and how quick, easy and affordable it is to accomplish with the right tools.

"My staff would have a boycott if I took tevixMD away from them."    

Sonya Cagle / NW Arkansas Pathology

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