Due to Covid-19

Over 25M people are losing or changing insurance and, with it, an impending surge of inaccurate patient eligibility & demographic data is fast approaching

The tevixMD Insurance Discovery Tool helps providers dodge the inevitable claim denials & rising costs coming with it.

What is tevixMD?

tevixMD is a patented, seamlessly-integrated data platform for achieving dramatic improvements in your claim fulfillment, operational costs and patient revenues, primarily by delivering the most-accurate patient eligibility & demographic data available.

no hardware or software to purchase


easy to use


start immediately

What can you do to avoid the negative effects of the on-coming chaos from Covid-19?

Discover the specifics about successfully reducing your claim denials and costs during this challenging time and see solutions in action, with live data.

learn how in our

20-min Webinar

The tevixMD Impact for Clients . . .

Case Study:  Lab Using the tevixMD Platform on every patient... 






Reduction in 
Denied Claims

Reduction in Time to Rework Denied Claims

Reduction in Time

to Generate Claims

Increase in 

Cash Flow


in DSO


a 15-min demo:


tevixMD Isn't New . . .


Let us prove our worth
with a 
complimentary Proof-of-Concept

We invite the opportunity
to put tevixMD’s patient data & processes
up against anything you’re doing now.

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