How to Reduce Claim Denials & Costs Amid a Surge of
Invalid Patient Eligibility and Demographic Data.

Over 25 million people are losing or changing insurance due to Covid-19 job losses, and with it, a surge of inaccurate patient eligibility & demographic data is fast approaching.


In 20 minutes, learn how to dodge the inevitable claim denials coming with it.   details below

WED, AUG 12 / 1p edt

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Who is tevixMD?

tevixMD is a patented, seamlessly-integrated data platform for achieving dramatic improvements in your claim fulfillment, operational costs and patient revenues, primarily by delivering the most-accurate, real-time patient eligibility & demographic data available.

What You Will Learn

The importance of good data

Know the sources of and the difference between unreliable data and data with real-time accuracy & availability. 

The value of good timing

Understand how timing is everything and how bad timing leads to big financial losses. 

Identify tools that mitigate
financial losses

How the right tools cut costs and lead to reduced claim denials, and how to keep erroneous data out of your information systems. 

Webinar Presenter


William Todd Andros  
CEO & Founder, tevixMD Corp.

With a knack for seeing the broad view, as well as natural instincts to predict needs and challenges long before they arise, Todd is the inventor & primary developer of a wide array of leading-edge technical breakthroughs in the healthcare industry.

He has 20+ yrs. experience in healthcare and 30+ years in Electronic Engineering focusing on tech design, implementation and product development/life cycle in the healthcare and telecommunications industries. He holds 3 US Patents.

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