tevixMD data and apps make up the most comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use patient-engagement platform available to healthcare providers today - and all starting with only a name & zip.  



eligibility : identity : address



integrate validation into your existing information systems



auto payment plans & multiple collection options on your desktop


patented claim scrubbing:  eligibility, identity & address validation

Front office and back-office alike, seamlessly and immediately have confidence in the accuracy of the patient info on your claims and invoices, and in your internal information systems.

Know who is responsible for the bill

Using only a name & zip, we deliver the patient's verified identity, address, active benefits, and benefits status, as well as immediate patient financial responsibility for today's services.


  • In only seconds, scrubs patient records for real-time, verified identity and address, as well as real-time benefits

  • Requires only driver's license or name/zip to work

  • Data is available immediately, on demand

  • Displays real-time remaining deductible & co-pay

  • Re-verifies patient every time - data is never outdated or stale

  • Includes Medicare Advantage, HMO & secondary payers

  • Includes mobile # and email, when available

  • Benefits filter so you see only the benefits that pertain to your industry

  • All services completely integrated into one window

  • Verified data can be quickly & easily transferred into your information system

  • Custom patient check-in forms available

  • Analytics reports 

real-time BATCH

tevixPAS™ on steroids!  A high-volume data scrubber, runs validation and correction transactions on batches of any size.  Includes the same features and benefits as PAS, but works on the back end, in billing, and includes:

  • Easy drag-and-drop file uploading

  • Results are available while you wait, not a few days later

  • Work results in real-time, as they populate the screen

  • No minimum or maximum file size - works batches of any size

  • Verified data can be easily transferred into your information system


  • Increases cash flow

  • Reduces patient AR

  • Eliminates patient data errors on claims / Reduces claim denials

  • Know the patient financial responsibility at any point of the patient engagement process

  • Keeps erroneous data from entering your information system

  • Reduces/eliminates typing

  • Speeds up patient check-in

  • Eliminates redundant efforts from workflow

  • Reduces labor time and cost 

  • Reduces costly 3rd party collection efforts


Validated data is no good if it isn't getting into your information systems.  


The TransferAgent™ seamlessly integrates your validated patient data into you information system.


The tevix INTEGRATOR™ embeds tevixMD features directly into your billing systems. 


  • With just a click, move scrubbed and validated patient data into your information systems

  • No HL7 interface required - but HL7 interfacing is available

  • No 3rd party developer involvement

  • Quick to implement -vs- months for custom solutions

  • Inexpensive to implement -vs- the exorbitant cost for custom solutions


  • Keep errors from entering your other information systems

  • Keep your information system up to date


A premium upgrade to the tevix transferAGENT™, the INTEGRATOR embeds tevixMD platform functionality and accurate patient data directly into the your billing system as a seamless popup - for increased convenience and speed.

patient data integration & validation embedding


automated patient payment & payment plan 

Quickly, easily and safely collect the patient portion of the bill at any point of the patient engagement process, and much more.

Includes a robust and full-featured patient payment interface, automated collections and an array of payment options that work for your patients.


  • All features are integrated into the same window - no moving back & forth

  • Includes a variety of convenient payment methods to offer the patient:  cash, check, credit card

  • Includes a 2-10 month automated, interest-free, no-credit-check payment plan that can be set up immediately and securely - that patients administer themselves

  • Does not require a merchant account

  • Includes custom and editable popup fee schedule

  • Includes on-board calculator that does all the math work for you

  • Patient's financial responsibility displays automatically

  • Can Include patient's outstanding balances

  • Includes ability to secure future payment (post-EOB patient responsibility)

  • Includes Prior-Authorization requirements

  • Includes branded patient payment web-portal - so patients can manage their own payments / payment plans with no work for you


  • Collect patient portion now, not 30, 60, 90 days later, if ever

  • QUICKLY increases cash flow

  • Greatly reduces patient payment receivables

  • Creates billing transparency for the patient

  • Reduces costly 3rd party collections efforts

  • Reduces errors 

  • Reduces manual efforts

  • Reduces time and cost of billing efforts

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