In the business of healthcare...

The success of ANY system,

  • Patient Engagement

  • Billing & Collections

  • Compliance & Regulation, etc.

is contingent upon quick and easy access to reliable patient data and

it absolutely must be accurate in real time.  



up-to-the-minute accuracy; valid as of right now; available immediately, on demand; 


the importance of good
patient data

garbage in = garbage out

Every one of your healthcare transactions is reliant upon good patient data.

Whether you know it or not. . .

unless you are using tevixMD data,
you don't truly know your 

Here is what you get from other sources:

what is good patient data?

it includes. . . 


  • public identity

  • insurance identity
    identity maintained by the payer(s)

  • full contact information 
    valid address, email and cell

  • active benefits

  • benefits' status
    remaining deductible, co-pay & out-of-pocket


Current Industry Standards. . .

don't be a slave to the outer components

Build a foundation
upon good data, and


  • all services will benefit

  • all components will improve


Use just the data; 

use the apps and the data.


Either way, no matter what,

if you're in the

business of healthcare,

you need tevixMD patient data.


why is tevixMD patient data superior?

  • real-time
    no other real-time source exists

  • re-validated with every patient search

  • patient centric & self-correcting
    never outdated and available no matter where in the system patient presents

  • unmatched accuracy 
    95-99% -vs- 70% or less elsewhere

  • available immediately, on demand, within seconds

  • requires only a driver's license or name/zip

  • includes outstanding patient balances

  • includes prior-auth requirements

  • includes future payments (post EOB)

With 100% data integrity, tevixMD's patented data processes help you prosper
with increased cash flow, prevented claim denials and improved provider/patient relationships


what's included in tevixMD patient data?

  • verified public identity

  • verified insurance identity
    identity maintained by the payer

  • verified, full contact information 
    valid address, email and cell

  • verified active benefits - primary & secondary 

    • includes Medicare & HMO payers

    • filterable by healthcare sector
      see only the benefits that apply to the services you provide

  • verified benefits' status
    remaining deductible, co-pay and out-of-pocket 

  • outstanding balance

  • prior-authorization requirements 
    tells you if a prior-auth is required by the payer

Let us prove our worth
with a 
complimentary Proof-of-Concept

We invite the opportunity
to put tevixMD’s patient data & processes
up against anything you’re doing now.

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