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  We Turn the Patient Payment Crisis into CASH...  

  And Reduce Your DSO to 3 Business Days!  

Everything necessary to improve your cash position ..... fast:

Real-time, Accurate Patient Information:

    Up-to-the minute status of full financial responsibility
    Validated demographics
    Full benefits status,
and more

Patient Payment Feature that pays you in as few as 3 days,
including past-due amounts.  Offers patients an interest-free

payment plan option that works for them

Cost Estimator

Instantaneous Data Integration Into any EMR or Billing System

Requires only a driver's license or name/zip!


Super easy to use and all from only one screen. 

You've never seen anything like this because NO ONE offers a comprehensive tool like tevixMD. 

Low Cost & Easy to Use          No IT Department Required          No Software or Hardware Required

"Did you see those numbers?"

"We are seeing a 50% reduction in both patient information errors and insurance denials using tevixMD Services."

                --  Connie Bratton, The Medical Foundation

  Customer Testimonial  

With tevixMD and a Driver's License You Can...

Know a Patient's
Complete, Real-time
Financial Responsibility

Offer Patients a Payment
Method That Works for Them and Pays You in 2 Business Days

Reduce Check-in to Seconds, Eliminate Errors

and Lower Operating Costs 

Dramatically Reduce

Claims Rejections and

Process Them Faster

Explore tevixMD...

Get paid in 48 hours!  
tevixPAS gives you complete, up-to-the-minute accurate info to give you exactly what you need to end your outstanding patient payments problem, and increase cash flow in 48 hours.

Turn deductibles into cash!    
A one-of-a-kind patient payment solution that puts cash in your pocket for services rendered in 2 business days and gives your patients a payment method that works for them.

tevixPAS on steroids!   
A high-volume data scrubber, tevixEnhancedBATCH runs thousands of validation and correction transactions at once.

Seamless integration into ANY billing or EMR System!

The tevixTransferAgent moves real-time, validated patient data into ANY Billing, EMR and Order Entry System without delay and without 3rd party involvement.

Over 1,000 installations nationwide

Over 35 million transactions processed

Look Who's Using tevixMD to Increase Cash Flow...