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4 Steps to Quickly Increase Cash-Flow from 

Patients and Reduce Outstanding Accounts

Please join us for this brief demonstration 

and ensure you're maximizing your cash-flow

December 18th, or 28th @ 1 pm ET

In this webinar attendees will explore...

  • 4 easy and unexpected steps to collect from patients.

  • How your peers are eliminating outstanding patient accounts.

  • How to ensure you have clean patient data and eliminate denied claims.

  • A live demo of the tools that make all of this possible.

In this brief 30-minute demonstration Mark Brouillette, Senior Vice President at tevixMD will discuss the current cash-flow challenges that healthcare organizations face due to high-deductible health plans and rising patient out-of-pocket expenses.


Learn how to solve these challenges and explore simple tricks to immediately increase your cash-flow by as much as 30%. Mark will demonstrate revolutionary solutions that organizations are discovering to dramatically increase their cash-flow and eliminate outstanding patient accounts.

A Q&A session will follow the demo.

Your Presenter...

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Mark Brouillette
Mr. Brouillette is a Senior Vice President at tevixMD where he plays a large role in business development, sales, and marketing. Mark is from Lincoln, Nebraska and received his Bachelors degree from St. Gregory The Great Seminary.


Prior to tevixMD, Mark was an Account Executive at TELCOR. Prior to TELCOR, he worked for Fiserv in Business Development and as a Sales Executive.








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