Every patient. Every time.

tevixMD Patient Admit System.

Every Patient. Every Time.

For more than a decade, tevixMD has provided proven, state-of-the-art data services that:

  • Reduce or eliminate bad debt
  • Speed payment
  • Resolve cash flow issues

Healthcare industry failures in these areas are not mere inconveniences.

They are a plague that threatens many companies’ success and even viability. Our patented, cloud-based software platform easily, quickly and affordably solves the problems that cause preventable revenue loss for businesses like yours:

  • Missing or incorrect insurance information
  • Misidentification of patients
  • Data entry errors
  • Expensive collection efforts

And we solve these problems at the best possible time: before they occur.

There is only one PAS.

The Patient Admit System (PAS) was designed and patented by tevixMD to stop bad debt for good. PAS prevents rejected claims by automating patient ID verification and insurance coverage levels in real time – in a matter of seconds – prior to providing service. Once verified, patient data is instantly transferred to other front- and back-of-office systems, saving time and eliminating errors. PAS responds within 4 to 14 seconds to confirm identity and insurance coverage among more than 630 carriers. It is also amazingly affordable:

  • No new equipment is needed
  • Startup cost is minimal
  • Easy-to-deploy cloud architecture means no specialized IT people or expensive system integration efforts are required

PAS is, quite simply, essential to running a successful, profitable healthcare enterprise in these times. See for yourself – call (561) 257-0832 now to schedule a live demo.

Industries We Serve

  • clinical labs
  • pathology groups
  • urgent care centers
  • imaging centers
  • transport companies
  • others who have direct contact with patients