the tevixMD view of healthcare business

We have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the implications of changes caused by the Affordable Healthcare Act, and those since.

We know the impact that these changes are having, and will continue to have, on your ability to collect for services.

We understand the performance problems that exist in numerous areas of running a healthcare business ... and any worthwhile solution will be comprehensive and address all areas of need.

We look at healthcare as a retail business (consumerism). This is a new concept for most all of healthcare (dentists, urgent care aside), and in order to survive, providers MUST adopt a retail view of their business and have certain critical resources in place - among them, accurate and reliable patient data and tools to effectively use that data to get paid, in a timely fashion.

We understand retail healthcare and the importance of adopting a retail approach to the business of healthcare in order to survive into the future.

​We foresee and consistently meet the challenges and the rapid changes presented when running a modern healthcare business.  We are innovative, we are technology experts and are always on the cutting edge of today’s technology.

what makes tevixMD unique?

Patented & unmatched search processes 

Big data: we search more than 3 billion records

Machine Learning: our system maintains correct identity once patient is verified, and it follows the patient wherever they present

Seamlessly integrates
into front-office workflow

Embeds directly into your information system 
for greater automation & convenience 

No need to purchase any hardware or software.  Your data and your system are ALWAYS up to date with no effort on your part.

tevixMD is a broad-viewed and comprehensive solution that benefits providers at every step of the patient engagement process - before, during and after care - and whether they actually see the patient or not, unlike other service providers who offer ad-hoc solutions that may or may not improve your your business performance, and only in one area of focus.

tevixMD tools are one-of-a-kind -- NO ONE else provides what we do.

Our team of dedicated IT professionals brings years of expertise to the table.

Full understanding of tevixMD's impact is best understood through a short demo:


Meet Our Executive Team

William Todd Andros
Founder & CEO


With a knack for seeing the broad view, as well as natural instincts to predict needs and challenges long before they arise, Todd is the inventor & primary developer of all current and future products awaiting implementation.

He has 20+ yrs. experience in healthcare and 30+ years in Electronic Engineering focusing on tech design, implementation and product development/life cycle in the computer and telecommunications industries.  He holds 3 US Patents.

Mr. Andros received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in digital design and computer design from the University of Florida, Gainesville. He then earned an MBA from the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

Prior to working at tevixMD, he was Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning for Equitrac Corporation. Prior to that he held positions of increasing responsibility at Telefind Corporation, Siemens Information Systems and Mitel Corporation.

Jim Montgomery
Vice President / Development


An IT executive with 20+ yrs. experience implementing innovative technical business solutions, Jim has proven his vision and hands-on knowledge of the many technologies required to guide the tevixMD developers in the US, Costa Rica and India. 

Jim and his team design, build, test and maintain all products, external data-provider interfacing, all aspects of network security and compliance with PCI DSS and OWASP Security Standards, database design and maintenance and much more.

Jim is a seasoned developer with experience with state-of-the-art technologies and vast experience with database development tools including: Oracle, SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, CE 2.0, T-SQL, PL/SQL , MS Access, MySQL, Entity Framework, ADO.Net, ODBC, as well as extensive experience with network security. 

Jim's past experience is with the following companies:

  • Enaptive & Synergistic Software Systems

  • Third Watch Research Corp.

  • CACI International Inc.

  • Best Software

Chaminda Gunarantne
Sr. VP of Sales & Business Development


With specialized expertise in business development, large account management, client partnership and the development of IT solutions that optimize business, some of Chaminda’s strengths are a proven ability to close deals under high pressure, solid skills with sales funnels, productive client communication and building revenue growth. 


Cynthia Creswell
Sr. VP of Marketing & Director of Design


14+ yrs. in Computer Engineering, primarily in software design, implementation and graphic interfaces for various industries, including work on a Defense Industry contract (Star Wars) with Science Applications International Corporation (required a Secret security clearance). 

Cynthia also has 17 yrs. as a freelance contractor in web design/SEO, internet marketing and eCommerce, sales funnel design, social media advertising, user interface/user experience design, assessment & refinement, graphic design, extensive writing/editing/publishing and audio/video production and editing.

She has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Univ. of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and an Associates in French language and Culture from the University of Paris / Sorbonne


The tevixMD Advisory Board

Krista L. Tinsley
Pathology & Laboratory Consultant


With over 20 years’ experience in managing and growing anatomic pathology laboratories and practices, Krista Tinsley is one of the leading consultants in the industry.  Tinsley was Executive Director of ProPath (one of the nation’s largest physician-owned pathology practices and laboratories), from 1994 through early 2017; leading ProPath through comprehensive, ongoing transformation and substantial growth.   
She is a frequent speaker on issues relating to pathology, especially those concerning physician-owned practices and technological advancements in the anatomic pathology laboratory.   

Tinsley served eight years on the board of the American Pathology Foundation (APF), with two as Treasurer.  She was a board member of the North Texas Accountable Healthcare Partnership which sponsored the area’s regional Health Information Exchange.  She served a four-year term on the executive committee of the Pathology Management Assembly of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) - including a year each as Secretary, President-Elect, President and Past President.  

Before joining ProPath, Tinsley was chief financial officer for Ameritrust, a Texas-based trust and investment management organization which administered over $67 billion in assets.  She holds a BBA degree in accounting and marketing from Dallas Baptist University, is licensed as a Texas Certified Public Accountant, and is a Certified Medical Practice Executive.

Dennis Weissman
President, Dennis Weissman & Assoc., LLC


A nationally known, independent analyst, consultant, speaker and thought leader for the clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology sectors for over three decades, Dennis is President of Dennis Weissman & Associates, LLC, Falls Church, VA, a consultancy which provides M&A advisory services, market intelligence, business leadership and public policy advice to diagnostic and life science companies.

Mr. Weissman has expertise in Medicare and health care reform policies and trends; clinical laboratory and pathology payment & compliance policies as well as business and financial trends affecting the diag-nostic and medical technology sectors. He regularly speaks on a wide variety of healthcare topics during webinars, seminars and conferences sponsored by professional associations, medical groups and healthcare companies.

Dennis founded and served as publisher of Washington G-2 Reports through 2003 (now G2 Intelligence) and subsequently served as senior consultant to G2 Intelligence for IOMA/Kennedy Information/BNA , 2004-2014.  He also served as:

  • Lecturer, Health Care Management, School of Business Administration, Marymount University, Arlington, VA, 1997-2003

  • Director of the Washington Office of the American Society for Medical Technology (now ASCLS) ,1974-1979

  • Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health, Education & Welfare (now HHS),1973-1974

  • Director, Federal Education Affairs, American Optometric Association, 1972-1973

  • Advisory board member for the following companies: Slone Partners; OncoMDx;  Viewics, Inc.; Interpace Diagnostics, Inc; National Cervical Cancer Coalition, Board of Directors;

  • Marymount University, Healthcare Management Advisory Board.







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